Child Protection

  • The ODG have issued updated guidlines for Safeguarding in towers. Please use the link to the ODG website (below) to read the latest information.
  • Special attention is drawn to the following sentence referring to visiting bands:
  • This tower follows the safeguarding policy of the Church of England Oxford Diocese and expects all visiting bands to conform to this policy.

The latest guild guidelines can be found at the ODG site.

Central Council guidelines can be found at here.

O’Shea Velcro Bell Muffles

Bell muffles made from high quality Cow Hide or Buffalo leather and crafted with great precision made to match clappers. Made using traditional saddle stitching combined with a small amount of adhesive to aid durability and treated with leather preservative for a long serving life.

See this (pdf) flyer for more details.

CCCBR PowerPoint Presentations

The Central Council Public Relations Committee, with help from other ringers, has been working for some time on a set of PowerPoint presentations that ringers can use to explain our wonderful hobby to others. This is something that we have often been asked for so we believe that many ringers will find these really useful.

The first set is now available on the web link Council's website.

You will see that they include speaking notes and cover

  • A general overview of ringing;
  • A presentation to those particularly interested in the science & mathematics of it all;
  • A presentation for those interested particularly in history; and
  • A 'recruitment' presentation.

Still to come in the future are:

  • A template for bell restoration funding applications;
  • A recruitment presentation for youth; and
  • A 'tower leaflet' with generic content as well as areas for specifics for your tower - an aid to help create your own leaflet if you don't have one.

Did you know that you can now subscribe to the Council's website so that you get automatic notification of new items? web link Sign up here.

Doves Guide for Church Bellringers

A brief guide to the definitive source of bell data on all the rings of bells in the World and the proto-National Bell Register which can be accessed from Dove's. It explains the parameters which are needed to fill the p-NBR and how you can help.

Correcting Odd-struckness

Technical Paper TBC03 from the Towers and Belfries Committee explaining some simple techniques for correcting odd-struck bells.

Risk Assessment in the Tower

Technical Paper TBC02 from the Towers and Belfries Committee outlines the application of risk assessment in the tower. This is an important topic in this day of Health and Safety and accident litigation.