Towers in the ONB Branch

There are 38 rings of three bells or more in the Branch: 3 tens, 11 eights, 16 sixes, 1 five, 3 fours and 3 threes and a ring of 12 with five sharp bells hung in the workshop of Whites of Appleton, the bellhangers. Of these, three sixes and two fours are unringable. The towers, with their tenor weights and practice nights are listed below. Click on...

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Except where otherwise shown, practices start at 7.30 p.m. There is also a list of ONB practice nights on the Practices page.

  • Practices at Blewbury (18th Sept)
  • As many of you already know, there is going to be a new, contemporary stained glass window installed at Blewbury with the themes of bells and bell ringing.
  • All ringing is suspended until the new window has been installed and the mortar has set, to prevent tower movement during ringing affecting the stonework around the window.
  • We anticipate that we will start ringing on Advent Sunday, 1st December.
  • Blewbury band are now practicing every Friday night at Steventon at 7.45 - 9.15 pm up to and including Friday 29th December. Everyone is welcome to join us at Steventon.
  • Practices at All Saints' Didcot
  • Unfortunately ringing at All Saints' Didcot is now by appointment only, there is no regular ringing. All enquiries should go to the church office:
    All Saints' Church Office
    All Saints' Youth and Community Hall
    Roman Place, Didcot. OX11 7ER
  • Telephone: 01235 510865
  • Please email email .

12 Bells (1)

Appleton (White’s) (1-2-14) photo dove

10 Bells (3)

Abingdon (St Helen) (16-0-0) Tuesday (1,3,5) joint with Abingdon (St Nicolas) photo dove www
Appleton (13-0-10) Friday photo dove
Wallingford (18-3-26) Thursday photo dove

8 Bells (11)

Blewbury (19-0-13) Friday 8.00 (*) photo dove
(*) Blewbury practices moved to Steventon at 7:45pm during tower works.
Brightwell (10-2-25) Tuesday 8.00 photo dove
Childrey (12-0-4) Wednesday photo dove
Cholsey (10-1-11) Tuesday 8.00 photo dove
Cumnor (13-1-4) Wednesday photo dove www
Drayton (9-1-20) Monday 7.45 photo dove
East Hagbourne (21½ cwt) Tuesday photo dove www
Harwell (16-1-26) Thursday photo dove www
Milton (6-3-26) Tuesday photo dove
Sutton Courtenay (12-0-17) Monday 7.00 photo dove
Wantage (21-2-15) Tuesday photo dove

6 Bells (14)

Abingdon (St Nicolas) (7-1-18) Tuesday (2,4) joint with Abingdon (St Helen) photo dove www
Aston Tirrold (11-3-23) Wednesday 7:00 p.m. by arrangement photo dove
Chilton (7-2-3) 1st & 3rd Monday 7:30 - 9:00 PM photo dove www
East Hendred (22 cwt) Tuesday alternating with West Hendred photo dove
Letcombe Regis (8 cwt) Friday by arrangement photo dove
Long Wittenham (9 cwt) Monday (1,2,3,4) joint with Little Wittenham photo dove
Marcham (8-1-4) Friday photo dove www
North Moreton (13 cwt) Monday 7.30 - 9:00 p.m. photo dove
Radley (5-2-27) Thursday 7:30 p.m. photo dove
Steventon (11-2-7) Monday photo dove
Sunningwell (8½ cwt) photo dove
West Hanney (18-1-9) Wednesday photo dove
West Hendred (8 cwt) Tuesday alternating with East Hendred photo dove

5 Bells (1)

Little Wittenham (5 cwt) Monday (-,5) joint with Long Wittenham photo dove

4 Bells (1)

Sparsholt (10½ cwt) photo dove

3 Bells (3)

Didcot (5-1-4) by arrangement photo dove
Letcombe Bassett (5 cwt) photo dove
Moulsford (5 cwt) dove

Note: Moulsford bells are on plain bearing and (as of Jan 2018) have not been rung for a few years now, so may be a bit rough.

Unringable (5)

Appleford (6, 8-0-0) photo dove
Ardington (6, 6-1-25) photo dove
Culham (6, 6-3-8) photo dove
Denchworth (4, 4-3-3) photo dove
Lockinge (4, 8½ cwt) photo dove