Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you?

If you have any comments on the web site, please email the webmaster

How can I contact officers and tower correspondents?

An image like this email is used for email links, mainly on the Officers page and the Towers page.

We use Javascript to try and stop email addresses being ‘harvested’, so you won’t see any email links if you are not using Javascript. For more information, please contact the webmaster

I’ve had no response to my messages – what can I do?

Messages sent to email addresses should reach the appropriate person. If you’ve had no response, it could be that the intended recipient is away or simply hasn’t checked their email recently. If after a while you’ve still had no response, you may wish to email the secretary .

If you suspect any sort of technical problem, for example if your message has ‘bounced’, please email the webmaster .

What is your policy on the Data Protection Act 1998?

We do not hold records of members electronically in the Branch. The only records we have are the Guild's Annual Report and the minutes of meetings, and these only give details of name and tower. Towers should keep their own records of the addresses, phone numbers, etc. of their members, and tower correspondents should be passing on all relevant information to their members.

Page last updated: 26th May 2024.