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This page lists training courses available to branch members, either run by branch members or by our parent Guild.

ART Module 2F: From Rounds to Plain Hunt

If your new recruit can safely ring a bell and is just starting to ring rounds then this course is for you. In some ways this stage is the hardest part of learning to ring; the excitement and rapid progress associated with (semi)-mastering bell control has passed and time on the rope can be limited if the only practice is once a week with a mixed ability band.

This is where this course helps. It introduces lots of fun exercises to help your ringer develop the foundation skills for method ringing; fine bell control, listening and ropesight. There is plenty for your new ringer to practise and measure their progress against whilst stimulating (and sometimes taxing) the rest of the band. For bands who don't aspire to method ringing, it gives lots of ideas for Service or wedding ringing which sound good whilst keeping the band interested.

Note: this ART course is for aspiring teachers of ringing. The course is NOT for learners.

Book your place on the course directly (closing date Fri 2nd August 2024):

Contact the branch Training Officer Susan Read for more details.

Branch Foundation Skills practices

Foundation Skills are the extra things a learner needs to be able to do once they can control their bell but before they can tackle plain hunt, such as changing speed at backstroke, counting places and ropesight. We will be using a number of fun rounds-based exercises to help learners develop their Foundation Skills.

Please note the following Foundation Skills sessions (19:30 – 21:00 unless listed otherwise):

Foundation places are limited so please email the branch Training Officer Susan Read to check availability.

Guild higher numbers practices

Following feedback from members, the Guild has organised quarterly higher numbers practices for members of the Guild. These are open to anybody who can ring a touch of Stedman Triples and want to ring on 10 and 12 bells.

The first practice is at Amersham on Sunday 17th March at 3pm. Please email Chris using the address below if you intend to attend so he can ensure the numbers are manageable. If there are too many, we may need to restrict numbers in which case it will be those who respond first.

Chris Mundy (07801) 930587 Deputy Master, ODG

Developing Listening Skills to Promote Better Striking (Sat 3rd February)

After a very successful trial session, Charles Morrish will be running a short course designed to promote better striking through developing good listening skills at Milton church (OX14 4EJ).

To request a place, or express interest in any future sessions, please email Charles .

ART M1 Teaching Bell Handling day course (Sat 16th March)

Suitable for those who already teach bell handling and want to update their skills AND for those who have never taught anyone to handle a bell. Module 1 provides you with the skills and techniques necessary to take a ringer from their first lesson to having competent bell control.

You will learn through a mixture of practical and classroom sessions:

The practical sessions will give you plenty of time to practise your new skills in a safe environment. Working in pairs you will also have opportunity to hone your observation skills and get feedback on your feedback.

After the course it is important that those who attend should get practice at teaching ringing with a mentor present to help them to observe and to help them remember the important points. Oxon Ringing School provides an excellent environment where new teachers can gain confidence as teachers of ringing, be assessed and become accredited with ART.

Event Start Sat 16-Mar-2024 09:30
Event End Sat 16 Mar-2024 17:00
Capacity 12
Registration Closes Fri 1-Mar-2024 12:00
Event Fee £25 per attendee + £20 local donation to cover lunch, refreshments and tower donation.
Prerequisites You must be a bell-ringing teacher (or would-be teacher) aged 14 or over. You must have sufficiently good bell control to be able to inspire confidence in others and an ability to comfortably raise and lower a bell.
ART website
Organiser Susan Read, 07941 580468
Training Officer

Radley 1-Day Course (Sat 13th April)

Methods offered (subject to demand and capacity):

These courses have been running for a number of years and are designed for learners of all ages and levels of competence. If you are unsure which group to apply for, the application form gives details of the requirements for each group. We aim to improve your confidence as well as your ringing, with friendly support and tuition.

Please see the event poster for booking information.

Closing date for applications is 11th February 2024.

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