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Old North Berks Branch


Welcome to the web site of the Old North Berks Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild. Use the menu on the left to navigate the site.

What's New

Updates to the branch news page:

  • Added the minutes of the October committee meeting.
  • Added information about the October Youg Ringer's Outing.
  • Added information about the Quiz Night & Supper in November.

  • Next Branch events:
    Tuesday 18th October : 8 bell practice at Wantage.
    Wednesday 26th October : Afternoon training at Cholsey.
    Tuesday 8th November : Branch practice at Wantage (7:30 - 9:00).
    Saturday 12th November : Quiz and Supper at Brightwell.

General Information

The Map page is a clickable map of the Branch.

The Towers page provides correspondents’ contact details, a tower photograph and links to tower web sites and on-line Dove’s Guide. Doves provides full details of all the bells and has a facility to call up a Google or Multimap map to locate the tower(s) you are interested in.

Alternatively, the Practice Nights page lists towers by their practice night. Hopefully this will be useful for ringers on holiday looking for a quick grab!

There are separate pages for Branch news and Guild news.

Officers are depicted on the Officers page.

The Calendar page lists all the Branch events for the year ahead.

A copy of the latest Branch Newsletter (June 2016) can be downloaded from the Newsletter page.

The Articles page offers items of general interest.

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